What to expect

The first consultation will take approximately an hour of your time, we will try to discuss as many areas of your life and health as you feel comfortable with in order to make a confident diagnosis of your immediate health picture and how to strengthen it.

The process is very thought provoking, interesting and, even, fun. You will be asked to think about such things as whether you are a hot/cold person, what foods you like/dislike, as well as general emotional feelings, sleep, and of course, we go into detail about the related symptoms around the actual complaint you came in for.

This is not psychotherapy, and whilst potentially useful, you are not forced to talk about areas you are not comfortable with. On the other hand, all thoughts and feelings, mental and physical are related to your overall body energy and expression of health, so the more we can discover together on this level the easier it will be to find an effective and rapid cure.

Once the remedy has been ascertained and the prescribed dosage is given a follow-up consultation will be arranged for roughly a month later. With acute complaints, it may seem appropriate to make it sooner, perhaps, even weekly, until things settle down. The follow-up appointments will be shorter in length and more of a checking in and will last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You are welcome and encouraged to come also even if you are one of the lucky few who isn’t irritated by particular health complaints. A regular homeopathic “MOT” helps to create a general feeling of more freedom and space in life leading to clearer and better choice making and a more energized and dynamic interaction with our surroundings.

The highest goal of treatment once we are symptom-free is a sense of greater ease and relaxation in life. The remedies seem to allow us to see things from other perspectives, making us less fixed and rigid in our outlooks and more flexible and open to new experiences and all the possibilities life throws our way.