Homeopathy works on the principle that ‘like treats like’, or in other words, not opposing the symptoms, but following their lead. From careful observation, medical doctors turned homeopaths, over the past couple of hundred years found the body is spurred on to heal itself by further light stimulation in the direction of the ailment.

Strange at first to believe, this principle is truly powerful to observe. It is in contrast to modern western medical treatment, which is based on the idea of palliating, or suppressing our symptoms and can often block the healing process as well as creating dependency, as opposed to aiding the body in healing itself from within.

Homeopathic treatment contacts the very energy of the body responsible for producing the symptoms. It seeks to realign health at the deepest level, taking all symptoms of mental and physical health in finding the cure rather than considering one particular health complaint in isolation.

The whole patient is considered on the levels of body, mind, and emotions in order to find the remedy that resonance with the individual person’s energy. Of these areas, the most profound are one’s emotions and beliefs, which guide and influence our health so strongly that homeopathy meets the patient on a uniquely energetic level.

Without any traces of crude substances homeopathy, it is also perfectly safe and side effect free for all people, including babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly or infirm.