Adam is a caring and intelligent medical homeopath. Coming from a background as a full-time teacher of yoga for over 15 years he is intuitive in relating to others as well as knowledgeable on a broad front of systems and schools of thought of both mental and physical health.

He discovered homeopathy while his wife was having treatment for breast cancer. After his first consultation he took his prescribed remedy and immediately noticed such a change of perspective and greater feeling of energy and positivity that from that moment on he dedicated absolutely all of his free time to the study and practice of this fascinating, in-depth, but, unfortunately, little known, science.

Other than this, Adam worked as a vegetarian chef in London for a number of years as well as cooking and teaching at yoga centres around the world. He still enjoys cooking and researching the nutritional and beneficial possibilities of varying our relationship with food and, of courses, practices and still teaches yoga each and every day.